A cartoon of a woman emptying her pockets while standing in front of a ferry.
Photo Credit: VanIsle.News Staff

Prices Just Keep Going Up for Ferry Riders

Rising gas prices aren't just hitting your car

Can we get away from gas yet?

Gas prices just keep going up, and so are your ferry tickets.

Ferries are essential for Islanders, especially folks who live on the smaller islands. So when prices go up, most of us simply have to empty our pockets. But could that change soon?

On Monday, BC Ferries announced another increase to its fuel surcharge is coming on November 1st.

Sky high fuel costs have forced operators to increase all fares by 1.5 percent. That’s on top of the 2.5 percent increase that just went through last May.

It’s not a ton, but it’s adding up, especially for everyday users.

The increase adds up to an extra 70 cents for adult fares and $3.15 for a vehicle along routes between VanIsle and metro Vancouver.

For inter-Island sailings, it’s 40 cents for an adult and $1.70 for vehicles.

Increases like these are caused by the price of fuel. BC Ferries says they’ll give riders a rebate when the prices are lower again.

With gas prices going the way they are, it doesn’t look like we’ll get a rebate any time soon.

That said, BC Ferries is moving towards renewable energy for its boats.

“BC Ferries has made significant investments to reduce its consumption of fuel,” a Monday statement said. “The company also introduced battery-equipped ships designed for future full-electric operation.”

An electric ferry could bring down the fuel surcharge.

The only issue?

Yes, BC Ferries has bought a couple of hybrid electric boats. But there’s currently no way to charge them.

Not the best planning we’ve ever seen, but change takes time. And at least we’re on the way.

Until then, we’ll be sucking up the extra costs.