An artistic interpretation of salmon swimming upstream. The painting is as if you're standing on a riverbank looking in from above the water.
Photo Credit: Margaret Shorter / Facebook

30-Day Drawing Challenge Brings Out the Artists

Some drawings are beautiful, some are abstract, others make you go "ouch!"

The challenge is hosted every year by Comox Valley Arts

It’s amazing how many artists live in Comox Valley. And a lot of them love the 30-day drawing challenge.

Every year, Comox Valley Arts hosts its annual drawing challenge. The idea is to draw every day, even if you aren’t great at drawing. But it can be hard to come up with ideas to draw. So every day, they send out a prompt to get you going.

Some of the prompts are serious, like “salmon is life.” Others are silly, like “lego.” Once the artists get their prompt, they take those ideas to wild places. And then,  they can share their drawings on Instagram and Facebook.

Some folks have been part of the group for a couple of years now. They follow the new prompts and post pictures every January.

And the challenge draws people from all over Canada and overseas. They chime in because they love the artist community on VanIsle, even if they’re far away.

You can check out all the drawings on their Facebook page.

You don’t have to have your paintings in a gallery to participate. All you have to do is put some colours on the page and let your imagination go wild.

You can sign up for the challenge on the Comox Valley Arts website. Though the challenge starts in January, you can really do it any time of the year.