Video Credit: Ryan Ruttan | YouTube

What We Love: Holy Cow Trail

Living in an active logging area is complicated

The trail runs through Mosaic’s partial cut zone

Holy Cow is a well-loved trail just west of Port Alberni. It’s not very long, but it’s magical and easy for locals and tourists to access. And it’s also being logged.

The trail runs through private Mosaic land that the company will start logging this week. From the looks of Mosaic’s plans, the trail is in the partial cut zone.

Living in an active logging area is complicated. The revenue from logging helped build the city, but logging also drastically changes places we love. There are no easy answers.

The area was last logged about 80 years ago. Some of the biggest cedars were left standing. If Mosaic’s plans are accurate, some of those trees may live through this year’s harvest.

That said, the Holy Cow trail will be a different experience when the logging is finished next month.

But you can still take a 30-minute walk along the trail without putting on your hiking boots.