A shot of Virgin Falls on a sunny day.
Photo Credit: Canadian Eh / Youtube

WATCH: A Moment of Zen at Virgin Falls

The weather is wild and the road is blocked, but you can still watch this video

Drone footage of Virgin Falls is as close as you’ll get right now

The weather is wet. Another atmospheric river is about to dump all over WestIsle. And one of the region’s most beautiful spots has been cut off by a landslide.

Folks from the area say the landslide came from the top of the mountain and there’s a waterfall flowing over it. It’s a bad idea to try to get there right now.

A picture of rocks and logs that have slid down the mountain and covered the road.
Michelle Peach / Facebook

Yes, it’s a bad idea even if you have a 4×4.

Good news, though—you can still get a glimpse of Virgin Falls.

Youtube poster Canadian Eh shared this drone footage of the approach to the falls. It’s shot in the summer, and its soothing music will make you forget all about the rain.

At least for a moment, anyway.

YouTube video