Maple leaf ripped in half with the words "Election 2021?" in the middle
Photo Credit: VanIsle.News Staff

Trudeau Is Lying About the Need for an Election

It's classic grab for ultimate power while his opponents are weak

Remember his bogus rationale for subjecting us all to an unnecessary vote when you fill out your ballot

Well, Islanders, get ready to head to the polls. Justin Trudeau has called an election for September 20, 2021.

But with the contagious Delta variant spiking COVID infection rates, should we risk an election that could lead to unnecessary gatherings and infections?

Bills that will die if the election is called

For anyone who believes in science, the answer is no!

So why Mr. Trudeau?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to hear lots of excuses. But let’s be clear, this is all about Trudeau trying to seize more power.

Canada’s photogenic Prime Minister and wannabe King wants to lock down the power of the crown for four more years.

Despite Mr. Trudeau’s likely claims, this is not about making life better or safer for Islanders and other Canadians. This is not about Ottawa being polarized and the minority government being bogged down. This is not about opposition parties preventing Trudeau’s team from governing.

Need proof?

Check out the list to the right.

It shows all the key bills that will die now that Trudeau has called an election.

Under Canada’s system, if a law doesn’t pass before an election is called, then it dies and all the hours of tax-payer funded work to draft it, hold consultations, review it, and debate it are all for nothing.

Remember the Saturday morning “I’m Just a Bill” School House cartoon about how a bill becomes a law? Although the names of who does what differ in Canada, the steps are similar.

The list shows two things:

  1. The few government bills shown above in blue were introduced months ago but they’re still at only the 1st or 2nd step in the process. This indicates that Trudeau’s government hasn’t spent much energy getting them passed. This means any claims that the NDP or Conservatives are keeping Trudeau from making progress on his agenda are a lie.
  2. The titles show they are trying to fix serious problems. Those efforts are on pause now that Trudeau has called an election. Important solutions will get delayed for no good reason. This includes laws that would make prescription drugs cheaper, provide vital benefits to disabled people, protect essential health workers from assault, deal with the climate emergency, improve warning labels on toxic substances, and implement a national freshwater strategy. All the time and money to turn these proposals into laws will be wasted.

Trudeau is putting his own interests ahead of the needs and wishes of Islanders and other Canadians.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called Trudeau’s election call “reckless.” The Globe and Mail called it an “unneeded pandemic election.”

They are both right.

It’s an election no one wants (except Trudeau), and no one needs.

According to pollster Nik Nanos, only one in four Canadians (26%) want a fall election. More than one in three (37%) are upset about a fall election. The rest of Canada just isn’t sure.

So if Canadians don’t want one, opposition parties are cooperating with the minority Liberals, and the Delta wave of COVID is spiking, why is Trudeau calling for a vote this fall?

This is a classic grasp for power.

Trudeau’s calculation: The Conservatives’ support has tanked, the Green Party is imploding, COVID restrictions are being relaxed, and his approval rating is strong.

While understandable, that’s not a good enough reason for an election.

Canadians might just punish Trudeau for his naked thirst for power.

It’s happened before. Albertan’s punished Jim Prentice in 2015, and Ontarians battered David Peterson in 1990 for calling unneeded early elections.

Now that Trudeau has pulled the trigger, remember his selfish actions and bogus reasons for this unnecessary vote when you fill out your ballot.