Closeup of branches burning in the dark.
Photo Credit: Titus Tscharntke / Pixnio

Port Alberni RCMP Pick Up a Suspected Arsonist

Police may have figured out why there has been so many fires recently

Now is a really bad time to play with fire

We might find out why all those fires kept popping up in Port Alberni.

The Port Alberni RCMP arrested a man for arson on Wednesday July 14th.

The RCMP can’t say exactly which fires they think he set, but they picked up the 34-year-old for two fires and an unrelated charge.

If you think you might know something about these fires, you can call the RCMP’s general phone number: (250) 723-2424.

The region is bone dry right now and the Port Alberni Fire Department has been working for weeks to put out fires. It’s super important not to do anything that might start a wildfire.

If you do see a fire, you can report it by calling *5555.