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Is Ucluelet the Best in BC?

It will be if you vote right now!

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For the last few weeks, CBC has been searching for the Best Small Town in BC. And guess what? Ucluelet is in the running!

After beating fierce competition like Tofino and Cumberland, the little town of Ucluelet now faces off against Lillooet.

Your vote could push our Island town to the top!

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Why is Ucluelet doing so well? It could be because it’s beautiful. It could also be because Josie Osborne, the former Mayor of Tofino, said she likes Ucluelet better.

Allan Cukier is the head brewer at Ucluelet Brewing. He told CBC that people like Ucluelet because it’s not as touristy as Tofino up the road.

“It’s a little bit more relaxed in town here. It’s not as glamorous and it’s not as overly touristic,” he said.

“We get to reap all the benefits without having to be the number one in the spotlight.” 

But Ucluelet might get a little more love if it wins CBC’s best small town.

Go help push Ucluelet to the top! Vote for Ucluelet in CBC’s best small town competition!