A group of kids perform in a Christmas-themed play.
Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks | Flickr

Get Ready for Some Glee-full Kids!

The musical theatre program is back

It’s time to sign up for some creative shenanigans!

We’re about to see some pretty Glee-full kids in Tofino and Ucluelet.

You might remember the TV show that had everyone hooked in the 2010s. This local program has all the singing, dancing, and friendship—minus the (non-scripted) drama.

The program has been on pause since the pandemic hit. The Glee musical theater program is kicking off a new season and co-founder Courtney Johnson wants to welcome kids from all over.

“I’d really like to engage all the communities. There are kids all over our West Coast here that are so talented and I want to be able to provide them with opportunities to just shine and do what they want to do,” she told Westerly News.

So what is Glee really?

“It combines singing, acting and dancing and then you have a full-length musical play where the kids perform for the community,” she said.

It’s a great way for kids to let out their creative side, overcome nervousness, make friends, and be a true rising star this season.

You can register your child through both Tofino and Ucluelet’s recreation departments.

Rehearsals happen weekly. At the end of the season they’ll perform “How the Grinch Stole the Nightmare Before Christmas in December.”

It’ll be one heck of a holiday mash-up, and that’s what Glee’s all about. It brings a whole lot of creativity together to create something no one has done before.

“Musical theatre is something that’s very different and not a lot of kids find that they gravitate towards it until they discover it. It’s something that gives them so much confidence and it helps them discover a talent that they probably didn’t even know that they had,” Johnson said to Westerly News.

Any youth from kindergarten to Grade 12 are welcome to take part!

Johnson will be looking forward to seeing all the new faces this season—and adding some glee to them.