A small fire burns up a hill behind a small stand of trees.
Photo Credit: Chris Alemany / Alberniweather

Fires Just Keep Popping Up in Port Alberni

Fire Department put out six fires in one day—arson is suspected

Port Alberni Fire Department can’t get a break

The Port Alberni Fire Department hasn’t had any rest since the heatwave.

Multiple small fires pop up every couple of days. And the Fire Department has to put them out before they get bad.

On Friday, the Fire Department put out a fire off Cherry Creek Road behind Pacific Rim Shopping Centre.

Then on Saturday night, they fought a 200-square-foot fire burning in the blackberry bushes near the horseshoe pit at Dry Creek Park.

On Sunday, they put out a fire in a flowerbed in Victoria Quay. We can pretty much guess how the flowerbed caught fire — ahem — hold onto your butts!

And they found an abandoned campfire, which could have been super dangerous. Conservation Officers will give you a $1,150 ticket for a campfire these days.

They also put out a shed on fire in an alley behind Glenside Road near Ian Avenue and Cox Road. No one was hurt.

Thankfully the number of fires has come down since last weekend, when the Fire Department put out six fires in one day.

But it’s still more than Port Alberni Fire Department Chief Mike Owens would like to see.

It’s really important to be fire smart right now.

Everything is bone dry after the heatwave. If you do see a fire, you can report it by dialling *5555 or 1 (800) 663-5555.