Comeback Kid – An Ode to Fairy Creek

Wallace sings "We can make a comeback - and save it for our kids." 

Local musician Luke Wallace just dropped his new music video for Comeback, but this time, with an ode to land defenders

Perfect timing. 

Have you had the chance to listen in deeply as of late? 

Relax into something wholesome and have a heavy message carried through with the grace of a catchy melody? 

If not, here’s your opportunity. 

Luke Wallace is a local musician and passionate coastal advocate hailing from Vancouver, which he acknowledges are the unceded lands of Coastal Salish Territory. 

Luke uses his music as a platform for the voices of communities fighting to protect the natural systems that enable them to thrive. His goal, to quote from his lyrics, is to “Build a bigger wolfpack; get them howling in the wind.”

His latest music video for Comeback features a Fairy Creek montage over his chorus of “We can make a comeback – and save it for our kids.” 

The message is certainly in the music, and he delivers it in a tender snapshot into the complex challenges we face. 

Have a listen. It may be the perfect way to reconnect with one of the spectacular places VanIsle has to offer.

YouTube video
Luke Wallace’s new Comeback video featuring a montage to Fairy Creek